Cub Scout Pack 134 |   Santa Rosa, California
|   38°N 46 51.1422, -122°W 76 11.832
|   23:55 December 8, 2021
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Cub Scouting Values

The Bobcat Path

Bobcat Badge

When a boy joins the Cub Scout program, he must complete the Bobcat Path as the first step in his Cub Scouting adventure. In Rudyard Kipling's story, Jungle Book, the black panther Bagheera is the mighty hunter that teaches the cubs the skills of the jungle. In Cub Scouting we use the symbol of the Bobcat.

Along this trail the Cub Scout learns the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto. These are the three most important things a boy must learn because they will help him through all of the trails of Scouting.

Cub Scout Promise

I, (name), promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

Law of the Pack

The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

Cub Scout Motto

Do Your Best.

Cub Scout Sign

Cub Scout Sign

Cub Scout Handshake

Cub Scout Handshake

Cub Scout Salute

Cub Scout Salute

Cub Scout Colors

The Cub Scout colors are blue and gold.

They have special meaning, which will help boys see beyond the fun
of Cub Scouting to its ultimate goals. The blue stands for truth and
spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for
warm sunlight, good cheer and happiness.